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Phänomena is a flagship project in Dietikon with national appeal. More than 1 million visitors from all language regions of Switzerland are expected. It has the uniqueness of a national exhibition and is intergenerational, forward-looking, sustainable and bold. A lasting experience for the whole of Switzerland.


The Phänomena aims to raise awareness of the socially relevant issues of our time. And it wants to encourage children, young people and adults to actively participate in shaping their environment.

In the largest discovery world in Switzerland you can discover, explore, experiment and try things out. Children, young people and adults become discoverers: questioning, researching, interactively and collaboratively.

After 2026, Phänomena is meant to carry on living across Switzerland. It is for this purpose that we developed the concept of hotspots. These countless hotspots, in all of Switzerland’s regions, are intended to display that which was experienced at Phänomena.



Despite the playful approach (experience, amazement, understanding), all topics, discovery stations and exhibits are prepared and verified by our scientific specialist partners.


When developing the experiences, Phänomena works with leading Swiss research institutes, universities of applied science, universities and technical colleges. The latest findings and innovations find a visible platform in the Phänomena discovery world.


Sustainability and circular economy are central Phänomena themes. The selected building and working materials use a minimum of grey energy, and they are kept in the cycle whenever this is sensible (reuse, recycling, sustainable disposal).


Phänomena attracts visitors from all over Switzerland and neighbouring countries. The iconic main and secondary buildings demonstrate high aesthetic and design standards. This can be felt right down to the individual experience stations and exhibits.


Phänomena wants to make it possible for everyone to visit the discovery world, regardless of their financial possibilities. People with visual, hearing and mobility impairments can enjoy the discovery world without obstacles. Phänomena is also barrier-free in its digital space.


Phänomena is a reliable partner. It communicates actively and transparently.

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