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The educational concept

Phänomena makes socially relevant natural science and technology topics tangible, in a competency and resource-oriented manner. The competency orientation follows the approach of constructivist learning: knowledge cannot be transferred from one person to another, but is either newly constructed or reconstructed by each person thanks to their previous knowledge and experience.


Phänomena is based on the diverse requirements of diverse people. It creates various access points to self-determined experience and learning, in the phenomenon and at the exhibits. Each person builds on their previous knowledge in order to expand their personal competencies through their own actions, observations, reflection and exchange.

Phänomena uses the shell model, which, starting from a key experience, opens the gates to create a deeper understanding through learning and in-depth experiences. The impressions and information are accessible via various senses.


At Phänomena, learning (in the sense of a cognitive activation) begins with observation and amazement. Visitors have a part in this themselves. They immerse themselves in a topic and exchange ideas with other visitors and experts. They think about the future in relation to what they have experienced, and they take home ideas for their own contribution to it.

For schools, this means in particular that it can provide all pupils with an individual experience of success. For one thing, the extracurricular learning setting motivates the pupils in a pleasant and unique way. For another, information and connections are presented in different ways, creating access points for as many people as possible. Pupils ask themselves questions, look for information, discover possible answers and connections independently and using different senses.

In this way, they actively create their own explanations. This stimulates reflection and accentuates their experiences of success, as well as their confidence in their own abilities and their attitude towards educational content.

In addition to this individual learning process, Phänomena relies on shared exchange in small groups, which also promotes social and societal skills. Phänomena provides many different pathways to a positive emotional-cognitive experience.

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