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The unique extracurricular learning centre

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From March to October 2026 in Dietikon, the Phänomena discovery world offers a plethora of suggestions on scientific topics. For schools of all levels, a unique learning experience based on the motto “experience – amazement – understanding” is opening in the Limmat valley. Children and young people should be able to discover, explore, experiment and try things out at numerous discovery stations, alone or with fellow pupils from other language regions.


Large workshops, with 250 middle school children each, allow a hands-on experience for the participants. The pupils gain a basic understanding of natural sciences and learn to build a small power plant independently. Further thematic workshops are currently being developed. The effective program will be communicated to schools until the end of 2024.


In order to ensure a pleasant experience with plenty of space for all visitors and to make orientation on the site easier, there is an interactive map. There are a total of seven coloured trails that visitors can follow. Each tour lasts approximately 3 hours. This way you can easily plan your time with your class at Phänomena.


You can enjoy the snacks you brought with you in the picnic areas. Alternatively, lunch packages can be pre-ordered from Phänomena and consumed in the school arena. We would be happy to advise you.


Schools have their own area at Phänomena – the school arena. The pupils and teachers can deposit their luggage in lockers there and discuss their entry into Phänomena.


Since the beginning of 2022, the SBB has been offering “J+S” groups (young people and pupils) and school classes a school day ticket. This means that groups of 10 or more people and their ac-companying persons can use the entire GA card coverage area for just 15 francs per person.

Prices and entry

Per pupil: 25.00 CHF
Accompanying person per 10 pupils: 25.00 CHF

Would you like to register your school class or do you have questions about the school program? Write to us:

What is the fundamental concept behind Phänomena?

Around 200 exhibits from seven discovery worlds are brought to life in 20 experience groups. The exhibits allow the pupils to experience the topic, make them curious and encourage participation. This promotes access to the natural sciences and allows learning experiences based on in-depth information and suggestions. Phänomena enchants all visitors and meets them where they are in their level of knowledge. Without lecturing, but with all the senses.

Planning offers for teachers (available in 2025)

Pupils can independently help shape phenomenal experiences

In the preparation of the visit or after it, teachers and their pupils can look at their own region through the “Phänomena lens”: Where are the places and hotspots where we can discover future-oriented developments in the areas that are addressed? For example, are there farms or private gardens in their community that pay particular attention to biodiversity? Pupils can collect background information, images and videos on questions like these for a localisable hotspot, which they record in the Phänomena app. This encourages learners to engage with the topics actively, independently and creatively with use of media, and to share the results of their research publicly.

Movetia supports you in your Phänomena visit along with a partner class

In collaboration with Movetia, the national agency for promoting exchange and mobility in the education system, Phänomena will become a thematic meeting point in the context of a class ex-change project across language regions. The schools will be informed of the specific support programme at the beginning of 2025.

Information events

In 2025, once a month, our educational team offers teachers a free introduction to the subject areas and the possibilities of the Phänomena extracurricular learning centre. At these information events you will receive tips on how you can prepare for your school class's visit – ideally, together with your pupils. There is also the opportunity for classes to participate in Phänomena before, during and after the exhibition.

Several-day stays

Plan a one-day or multi-day Phänomena visit as part of an excursion, a school trip or a camping trip in the Limmat Valley. You will be amazed at everything the Limmat Valley has to offer beyond Phänomena.

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